About Lars Hagberg independent/freelance photojournalist based in Kingston, Ontario

Lars is an independent and a freelance photojournalist based in Kingston, Ontario. He has freelanced as a photographer with many Canadian publications.

His pictures have appeared in most major daily newspapers in Canada including:

the Toronto Star

The Globe and Mail 

the Montreal Gazette 

The Vancouver Sun 

La Presse 

the National Post 

the Edmonton Journal 

the Ottawa Citizen 

the Calgary Herald 

See a selection of published work here.

2014-2015, Lars also taught in the faculty of photojournalism at Loyalist College (Belleville, Ontario) – the same program from which he graduated from in 2007.


National Pictures of the Year (Canada) - 2017
1st place Feature of the Year
(8th picture in from the left)

Ian Walsh photography contest (Second place in) - (2017)

National Pictures of the Year (Canada) - 2013
Honourable Mention in Spot News  
(8th picture in from the left)

Toronto Sun Paul Henry Award - 2007

Excellence in Spot News Photography (Loyalist College)

Eastern Canadian News Photography Association  

Student Vision Award - 2006

Toronto Star Frank Teskey Award - 2006

Outstanding achievement in the first year of the photojournalism program at Loyalist College

Jeanne C. Graham Challenge,
London Free Press Award - 2006

High scholastic achievement in the first year of the photojournalism program at Loyalist College

Lars was born and raised in Kumla, Sweden. 

After graduating from Alleskolan Hotel and Restaurant program in Hallsberg, Sweden, he moved to London, England, where he worked as a Comis Chef at Bistro Soho. 

Lars fulfilled Sweden’s mandatory military service in 1997/98. He was stationed in Norrtälje at LV3 (Luftvärn), a ground-to-air-defence military base.

He moved to Canada later in 1998 to be closer to his partner Tina, whom he met in England. They married in 1999 and now have a son and a daughter, Oskar and Freja.

After more than eight years as a chef, Lars retired the knife to pursue photography – with a leap of faith, he went back to school and earned his diploma in photojournalism at Loyalist. 

Lars currently shoot pictures for the Canadian Press, Agence France Presse, Reuters, the Toronto Star and the Globe & Mail to name a few.

Contact Lars Hagberg:

C: 1-613-484-1842
E: lthagberg (at) gmail.com
Follow him on twitter @larshagberg
and on Instagram @hagberg_lars



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